Who are we as a team?

Students in A Team

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Organizations, communities, universities: it's a proven fact that teams get things done. Teamwork is the means to leverage team members' individual strengths and learn from one another.

 START your team journey with these steps:

1. Listen, really listen... and learn about your team mates. Making connections is the beginning of building strong and effective working relationships. It is the foundation of team health. Meet face-to-face (even if you are just meeting on-line...choose a video platform where you can SEE each other). Spend some time informally getting to know each other.  It's a small investment in time with big pay-offs!

2. Share information about yourself - strengths, areas of potential growth, past team experiences.  Share the results of your ITP Metrics Personality and Conflict Styles Assessments and discuss how your styles can best fit together for your teamwork. (Remember to sign up for ITP metrics using your Royal Roads email address!)

3. Identify your team values. Begin by sharing what's important to you - your individual values, then discuss and decide together what your team values will be. 

4. Discuss your personal goals with each other.  Then develop your team goals. What do you all agree you want to achieve together?

 A shared vision is not an idea; it is rather a force in people's hearts. At its simpliest, a shared vision is the answer to the question: 'What do we want to create?' ~ Peter Senge