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Royal Roads University embraces and celebrates diversity. It is an integral part of the Royal Roads Learning, Teaching & Research Model. As a learner at this school, you can expect to work in culturally diverse teams. 

Diversity enriches team development and is a key element to success. There is richness in varying perspectives, experiences and learning styles that can inspire creative solutions to many complex problems. 

Developing intercultural competency will help your team and ultimately, your career. With an awareness of cultural dimensions you are better able to navigate the cultural differences and plan and communicate accordingly. 

Tips for cross-cultural communication on teams: 

  • Take time to build relationships and trust with your teammates. 
  • As a team create an agreement to address your differences and how to communicate. For example, some cultures are not used to talking openly in a group or arguing. Discuss and create a structure in team agreements for open dialogue. 
  • Encourage, acknowledge and reward the introduction of new perspectives.
  • Create space for everyone to share ideas.