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According to Tuckman's Model there are five stages of team development.

The first stage, "Forming", is about setting a strong team foundation, a foundation established by intentional conversation and clear agreements.


Creating a Team Agreement ensures that your team has had the important conversations that lead to a commitment of how you will operate together. Team Agreements are a key element of team development and collaboration, and will help you overcome obstacles you encounter as a team. In determining how your team will function, consider establishing:

  • A clear direction, as a team, prior to taking action (forming)
  • A process for acknowledging and addressing conflict (storming)
  • A balanced focus of compassion and accountability (norming)
  • A plan for the maintenance of both independence and interdependence (norming)
  • A vision of results (performing)

The creation and implementation of Team Agreements allows for valuable emergent learning processes. 

Most Team Agreements consist of:

  • Team members' contact information
  • Team Values (click here for a great activity to guide your team) 
  • Team Goals
  • Team members' Skills Inventory
  • Scheduling and planning productive meetings
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Active Participation
  • Building Effective Support in your team
  • Communicating effectively
  • Addressing Team Challenges
  • Accountability / Consequences for not abiding to agreed upon behaviour