How do we bring it all together?

Students in A Team

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Now for the final stage of our team assignment. This should be the easy part if our structure and process has been solid.

This is putting the final touches on our product. As needed, we can check for resources from the Writing Center.

Here's how we bring it all together:

  •  The team member who has the final view ensures the collective voice has been captured.
  •  A final check for grammar, writing, APA, and word count is done. We can consider delegating one person to do the final compilation and having one person to do editing on certain portions - APA, grammar for example.

And, after we have submitted the assignment, it's time to celebrate! Together, we can plan an event, create a ritual or share a meal. It's important to recognize and appreciate everyone's effort and contribution. Collaborating, working and then celebrating as a team strengthens relationships, reinforces the bond between us and builds team cohesion.